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 producer note Janvier 2011

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MessageSujet: producer note Janvier 2011   Jeu 27 Jan 2011, 13:50

Galactic Civil War

Rebels have managed to maintain control of the scoring but the
Imperials are gaining ground. It was good to see the increased war
effort over the holidays. Also, now that the holiday event has come to
an end, the invasions have returned to Dearic, Talus. The war is back in
full swing.
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I’m glad to report that I can finally start discussion of GCW2 in this note. It’s still early but let the discussions begin …Galactic Civil War 2

In our first GCW update early last year, Forces Under Siege,
we set out with many goals with the understanding that the conflict is a
fundamental aspect of our game. We wanted to involve all the
professions. We wanted to have a regional, planetary, and galaxy wide
scoring system. And, we wanted to have everyone feel like a war was
happening around them. Through the course of the year, we continued to
add to the GCW by developing regional defender, leaderboards, and perks
and penalties. In the end, we felt like we met our goals and gave
players engaging content that is a fundamental part of the conflict in Star Wars Galaxies.
GCW2, we have also set some high level goals. First, we want to bring
the war to space by introducing compelling GCW space content. Should
space activity tie into the ground invasions? Should there be a separate
GCW scenario in space? We also want to get player cities more involved
in the war. Do we bring the conflict to player cities like invasions did
for the NPC cities? Lastly, we want to address many of the issues that
have come up with the GCW as its implemented now; issues like the
balance between GCW point gains in PvP vs. PvE activities and the types
of perks and penalties. We want to keep everyone involved in a fair and
balanced war. These topics and more are what we want to discuss with
are currently working on the high level design concepts. Once they are
complete, we will be working with the Galactic Senate to incorporate
their feedback. Then we’ll open the discussions to everyone. Stay tuned
for more info as the work begins on this very exciting and important
aspect of our game.Wookiee Life Day

was a lot of fun seeing the decorations around the galaxy. We saw more
decorations for this event than we did for the Galactic Moon Festival.
In fact, we saw a 19% increase in the amount of decorations over the
GMF. We’ll see how the other events compare. So far Life Day is the big
like I did for GMF, here are the decoration statistics for all the
planets and servers. I didn’t get a chance to grab screen shots for my
note this time around but feel free to post screens of your decorations
if you want to show off your work.
Top 25 Most Decorated Server and Planet:

  1. Starsider Lok
  2. Europe-Chimaera Talus
  3. Starsider Talus
  4. Europe-FarStar Naboo
  5. Europe-FarStar Lok
  6. Starsider Dantooine
  7. Starsider Rori
  8. Starsider Naboo
  9. Starsider Endor
  10. Chilastra Naboo
  11. Starsider Tatooine
  12. Europe-FarStar Dantooine
  13. Europe-Chimaera Corellia
  14. TestCenter Naboo
  15. Europe-FarStar Tatooine
  16. Flurry Talus
  17. Europe-Chimaera Rori
  18. Bria Rori
  19. Bloodfin Talus
  20. Flurry Dantooine
  21. Chilastra Dantooine
  22. Europe-Chimaera Dantooine
  23. Chilastra Lok
  24. Radiant Rori
  25. Bria Dantooine

Top Decorated Planet for Each Server:

  1. Ahazi Naboo
  2. Bloodfin Talus
  3. Bria Rori
  4. Chilastra Naboo
  5. Eclipse Naboo
  6. Europe-Chimaera Talus
  7. Europe-FarStar Naboo
  8. Flurry Talus
  9. Gorath Naboo
  10. Radiant Rori
  11. Shadowfire Naboo
  12. Starsider Lok
  13. Sunrunner Naboo
  14. TCPrime Lok
  15. TestCenter Naboo

Most Decorated Planets for All Servers (~percentage of total props):

  1. Talus 19.4%
  2. Naboo 18.9%
  3. Lok 17.8%
  4. Dantooine 14.1%
  5. Tatooine 11.0%
  6. Rori 9.6%
  7. Corellia 6.5%
  8. Endor 2.6%
  9. Dathomir 0.1%

Most Used Decorations (~percentage of total props):

  1. A decorated Wookiee Life Day Tree 13%
  2. Life Day Tree 11%
  3. Wookiee Life Day Presents 11%
  4. Wookiee Life Day Bunting 9%
  5. Stage 3%
  6. Wookiee Life Day Wroshyr Tree 3%
  7. Wookiee Life Day Mini Tree 3%
  8. Wookiee Life Day Incense Burner 2%
  9. Streetlamp Small Style 01 2%
  10. Wookiee Life Day Banner Style 1 2%
  11. Wookiee Life Day Banner Style 3 2%
  12. Wookiee Life Day Banner Style 2 2%
  13. Wall: Imperial Style 1 2%
  14. Gate: Tatooine Style 1%
  15. AT-ST 1%
  16. AT-AT 1%
  17. Imperial Banner 1%
  18. Arch 1%
  19. Wall: Naboo Style Short 1%
  20. Tiki Torch 1%
Ewok Festival of Love

Ewok Festival of Love is coming up. It will be running starting around
February 10th and ending in about 4 weeks from then around March 10th.
In general, you can count on all the various game events lasting for
about 4 weeks. Since we have the decoration system, 4 weeks is a good
amount of time to enjoy the event and the decorations without feeling
like it’s dragging out or ending too quickly.
this year’s EFoL, we will have a decoration wand and we’ve also added
some event specific storyteller props. I know you cannot get enough of
that chocolate fountain =). For this year, we have a new badge and some
fun new rewards plus a couple of variations of some of the classic
rewards from the event. And there will be a new storyteller vendor as
well. You can probably guess what he or she will be.
we run events like Wookiee Life Day and Ewok Festival of Love, remember
that you pick up your publish gift from the event. It’s not
automatically added to your inventory on log in. You still get a gift;
it’s just part of the events when they are running.

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Love is in the air…Officer Update And More

public test right now is the initial set of changes for the Officer
update. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, be sure and
read the public notes in Development Discussion and hop onto a TC and check out the changes for yourself.
have a lot of changes coming for Officer and some very good reasons to
make these needed changes. One cool thing we’re doing is allowing
Officers to wear Mandalorian armor. This has been a long standing
request of the Officers and, back in the day, the Squad Leader
profession used to be able to wear this armor type. The update also
makes carbines a viable weapon choice for Officers by including them in
their expertise. This was a top request and we wanted to give Officers
more options so adding carbines made sense. There is a new melee special
ability that will help Officers who specialize in melee combat. We
added this to give Officers another way to be more proficient in melee
combat. Also, the Officer Reinforcement and Supply Drop have
both been improved. Officer troopers are now stronger and slightly
higher level. They will also have an appearance that reflects the
faction of the Officer. These changes were needed to improve abilities
that were weak or unused and to streamline abilities that were
unnecessarily cumbersome. Finally, we now allow Officers to use the Supply Drop ability
inside cities because not allowing it was a source of frustration for
the players. Plus, we couldn’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t be
side effect of the Officer update, which will be going to public test
today, is that we changed how damage reduction bonuses are applied. This
change effects all combat professions. Previously, most damage
reduction bonuses were calculated at the same time as weapon damage
bonuses but before other bonuses were applied. This resulted in damage
not being reduced by the amount that was expected. Now, damage reduction
is calculated after all the damage is determined. This was needed
because, as part of this update, Officers received a bonus value change
on their Rally Point ability. This lead to a discussion about
what that ability did and what other reduction bonuses do as well. So we
decided to go ahead and fix it up so it makes more sense and is more
consistent across the board.
And more is on the way. We’ll keep you updated in the Development Discussions.
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[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
Hjal’s Officer sporting a new lookHow Bazaar?

SWG, players do goods transactions using a Vendor or Bazaar.
Internally, we call this system that allows you to buy and sell goods in
the game, the “Commodities System.” Most of you probably agree this
makes cents. Recently, some players experienced what they called “ghost
items.” Basically these were items that they purchased, were charged
credits, but never received. To prevent this situation from happening
again, in Update 19.4 we changed the way items are purchased. Instead of
removing the credits from a player first and then retrieving the item,
the opposite happens. Now if the item is not available, players will not
be charge credits.
We’ll continue to look for ways to prevent these issues but I wanted to make sure everyone understood why we made this change.Upcoming Veteran Rewards

worry. We haven’t forgotten about our vets. We are working on the next
set of veteran rewards and you can expect to see them in the game soon.
Instead of more house plants, we’re going for some functionality on the
next few rewards. I will only provide a hint though. One will have
something to do with profession respecs and the other will be resource
related. And they will be tradable in case none of those ideas interests
you. We are planning to continue to do vet rewards going forward so
keep your suggestions coming on what new rewards you would like to see.The Galactic Senate

time has come for Galactic Senate nominations. I wanted to mention that
this time, those players chosen as the Galactic Senators will be put
under an NDA. The interesting thing to note is that in almost all my
prior PMs with senators, they have always asked if it’s ok to tell
players what I tell them. And my answer has always been yes. Now I can
say no =). Actually, this is a great opportunity to get Senators even
more involved. Like I mentioned, GCW2 discussions will start with the
Senators. This is a big plus and the development team will look for ways
to get even more out of the Galactic Senate.[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

source: [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]


GCW2 avec projet de guerre dans l'espace et dans les villes de joueurs ....... la classe Wink

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MessageSujet: Re: producer note Janvier 2011   Jeu 27 Jan 2011, 14:37

Hum, changement dans le calcul de la diminution des dégâts.
A creuser.
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producer note Janvier 2011
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