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 TC 14 janvier

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Le nain
Le nain

Messages : 1303
Date d'inscription : 06/12/2010
Age : 44
Localisation : Chimaera

MessageSujet: TC 14 janvier   Mar 18 Jan 2011, 12:51


Note, this is not the complete officers update. Other changes will be included in the upcoming TC builds.

All officers have received a free expertise reset.
Rally Point
The Minimum Range on the Rally Point abilities has been removed.
Group Buff Duration (from the expertise) now affects Rally Point Duration. In addition the Rally Point Duration bonuses from the generals set now increase the total duration by 10% per piece of jewelry (instead of the previous 1 second per piece of jewelry).
Removed the "Innate Armor" modifier from the defensive rally point and replaced it with a 5% damage reduction.
The duration for rally point is now:
Base duration: 20 seconds
Duration with Leadership 1 and 2: 50 seconds
Duration with Leadership 1 and 2 plus the full general set: 75 seconds
Supply Drop abilities
Supply drop no longer require you to be outside. The abilities can now be used while in cities or inside buildings.
Tac Stims and healing stims will now show time remaining.
Tac Stims and healing stims can now be stacked and split. The time remaining have to be the same on both stacks for them to stack.
Artillery Strike 1-3: The comm. window has been removed from these abilities.
General's Set: Soothing Comfort, Heal Beast 3 and Revive Beast can now proc Inspired Action when wearing the general's set.
Master Officers can now wear Mandalorian Armor.
Pistol Drillmaster can now be activated regardless of the weapon you are holding. The bonuses are still 5% pistol damage, 5% general damage and 10%.
Sturdiness, Marksmanship, Toughness and Endurance have been increased to 25 pr. point.
Side arm accuracy now increase carbine damage by 2/4/6/8% Carbine damage. The Pistol damage increase is still 3/6/9/12% (Bugged, will be fixed in the next TC build).
Dire strikes now also increase carbine critical chance by 5/10%
Pistol Overcharge is now called Overcharge and works with both Pistols and Carbines.
Pistol Burn is now called Called Shot and works with both Pistols and Carbines.
A new expertise box will now grant the Leg Strike melee ability. This is a 15m snare attack with a low damage and low cooldown. (description missing, will be fixed in the next build).
A new box Advanced Target Tracking will now add an additional debuff to the paint target ability. The debuff will increase the critical damage of the target by 10%
A new box Advanced Target Identification will now add an additional debuff to the paint target ability. The debuff will reduce the effectiveness of camouflage and increase Paint Target and Sure Shot damage.
Lethal Aim is now a three point box that offers 5/10/15% Sure Shot Damage (instead of the previous 2/4/7/10%) (Bugged, will be fixed in the next TC build).
Misdirect Anger now transfer 50% of the generated hate (instead of the previous 10%) (description incorrect, will be fixed in the next build).
The Anger Management box has been removed.
Witches of Dathomir

The Witches of Dathomir have made more items available for their vendors to trade with Outworlders.
Fixed locations of Witches of Dathomir house signs on several player structures.

New Chronicle Comm relics are now available!
Added "chronicles" as a vendor category.
Added a profession badge for Chronicle Masters. All existing Chronicle Masters will receive this badge on login.
Treasure Map Dark Jedi should now count towards kill and kill/loot Dark Jedi Chronicle relics.

Added a new tab to the command browser called "pet."
All Droid and Beast commands will display under the new "pet" tab in the command browser.
More Bazaar strings fixed.

The troop dropships in Restuss have been disabled.
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Messages : 1891
Date d'inscription : 06/12/2010
Age : 46
Localisation : Restuss

MessageSujet: Re: TC 14 janvier   Mar 18 Jan 2011, 13:19

wouaaaaah pour l'offi! Beaucoup de bon (dont le port de la mandalo :p le reste plus qu'à m'en faire une Wink ) ..... mais on ne va jamais assez avoir de points d'expertise, ils ne cessent de rajouter des box!
Offi/BM: la proc d'inspiration avec les skills dédiés pet pour le set général cheers (depuis le temps que je l'attendais ça!)

Larguer des drop dans les maisons ....... excellent! I love you

Les new débuff du paint target ...... drunken

Je suis saoûl .... je vais me coucher! geek

SWG: (zont tué le jeu, ces cons!)
Makatar: Smugler (N)Imp
Makatarh: Officier/BM (N)Imp
SWG Reborn:
Makatar: Officier
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TC 14 janvier
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